With advanced processing equipment and in-house DNA sequencing capability, ProbioFerm is leading the way in Probiotic optimization. ProbioFerm is in constant collaboration with leading university scientists to examine and pursue select strains of bacteria that exhibit traits beneficial to the host. Identification of Postbiotic metabolites, the isolation of species-specific organisms and creating innovative encapsulation matrices are priorities of the ProbioFerm research team as the strive to bring the highest potency Probiotics to the industry.


To provide our customers with quality products, we maintain an in-house quality control laboratory and a highly skilled team of quality control microbiologists. Our stringent quality control system monitors for purity, strength, and identity throughout the manufacturing process.

GMP Standards

Our quality system is modeled after the ISO 9001 standard, is cGMP compliant and meets CFR 21 Part 111 requirements. ProbioFerm is registered and audited by both the FDA and State of Iowa Department of Health. ProbioFerm is a certified Safe Feed/Safe Food facility and holds a 3rd party Good Manufacturing Practices certification.


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