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Microbial Encapsulation Technology

The stability of probiotics is the most critical issue for the shelf life of a probiotic. ProbioFerm has developed a new encapsulation technology called Durabac™. Handling sensitive microorganisms like probiotics is very difficult due to their susceptibility to oxygen, moisture and heat, which unfortunately are commonly present in most manufacturing processes. Making the bacteria stable enough to resist these factors will help circumvent the destruction of the bacteria while it undergoes processing and packaging, while also enabling the final product to be more shelf stable and efficacious. Durabac™ is a special technology developed by ProbioFerm. It is an encapsulation coating process that enhances the shelf life of the bacteria through a step by step encapsulation of the bacterial cells. This technology involves coating the probiotic cultures prior to mixing with a carrier to increase stability in processing and formulations and to improve survivability until they reach the gut. This unique technology will produce more stable bacteria during the manufacturing process and the shelf life of the finished products. This helps alleviate customer concerns about the viability of the probiotic in the product they are either feeding or consuming. ProbioFerm keeps exploring new innovations to improve the efficacy of the products and to ensure its clients that they get the highest quality products.


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